Like everybody else I’ve had several traumatic moments in my life which stands out as life altering.  Right up there in the top five was when the formula for 7-Up was changed.  As I (we) get older often fond memories of youth get revisited.  Although I spend at least fifteen to twenty minutes every day searching for my glasses, keys, wallet, etc.  remembering events in detail that happened over fifty years ago are easy.  When I was around ten or eleven living in Chalfont Pennsylvania I had a paper route.  My grandmother lived very close to me and every day after school I would pick up my papers and head to her home.  At her house the two of us would fold and rubber band the papers for delivery.  Prior to starting out I always had a Crumpet and a bottle of seven up.  For those of you who lived a sheltered life the Crumpet was an iced butterscotch cake type item that made by Hostess Baking Company based in Philadelphia.  Nana, my grandmother, would have cup of tea and we would discuss the happenings of the day.  How special I remember those  discussions as though tomorrow would be another.

I recommend a 7 UP smile.

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