• The number “one” issue for seniors is financial security. Today, I want to dive into the world of senior financial planning because, let's face it, retiring in style is what we all dream of. So, I was hoping you could sit back, relax, and let me give you some thoughts to consider. Senior financial planning ensures a solid financial foundation

  • Have you ever heard the saying "Once in a Blue Moon" and wondered why it's so important? Well, let me spill the beans! First things first, a "Blue Moon" doesn't actually refer to the moon turning blue (although that would be pretty interesting). It actually refers to the rare occurrence of having two full moons in a single

  • Today, I want to talk about a deep topic - the difference between happiness and pleasure.  Now, some might think they're the same thing, but let me tell you, there's a world of difference between the two! Let's start with pleasure.  Pleasure is like that instant gratification you get from, hmm, indulging in a delicious chocolate cake  (yum!). The little

  • Actually most people are riders / just along for the ride.  One must be a driver and not a back seat driver !  I have watched many people spend their whole life just watching the scenery.  I am not suggesting that there is not much to see what I am saying to appreciate it one must get out and roll

  • Do you live in the Past, Present, or Future ?  This not a trick question.  I am sure you have said or heard some one say "If only I had", If I could do all over again" or maybe "Next Time I Will", In the Future I will Know Better".  What is actually being offered here is an excuse !

  • In the interest of putting current issues in perspective I remind you of a similar outrageous event of yes another impeachment.   Yes, I remember when Pluto was a planet !   Most us will remember Rodney Dangerfield’s tag line of “I get no respect”.   I’m starting a movement to get Pluto the respect it deserves to again take it’s rightful

  • Yes, everyone is getting a bit testy over the "Virus Shut-in". But, what a great time to look for a reason to share a smile. I was cheating yesterday and went to local Walmart. Outside was a gentleman who reached out to me with one of those sticks used to pick up trash. In the pincher was a card that

  • This post has a serious side ! Over last several months I became aware of several friends who had medical issues and also had withdrawal issues from alcohol. Two actually went to a facility for help with the issue. I took this as a wake up call. It made me think about how big of a problem this might be. 

  • I willing to bet that literally everyone has either done something and or said something they regret and would do anything to take back.  As many of you know I'm convinced there is something or somebody that had a hand organizing things.  I have no idea what it or whom it may be and open to the idea of "God"

  • I have been reading that Yoga is an endeavor that allows one to get in touch with their inner self, discover the meaning of life, contemplate the greater good, become more aware of their body, become: cheerful, thrifty, brave, kind, clean, reverent, and much more. After more research I discovered if yoga is good Bikram yoga is "great". First yoga



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