yellow-roseSeveral months ago on whim I purchased three yellow roses on the way to the office.  Not sure where the inspiration came from but the plan was to present them to three strangers or acquaintances during the day.

The first person was a lady at the Dry Cleaner that I always spoke to when dropping off or picking up my clothes.  She was not the counter person but rather the person who actually ran the machine and did the pressing.  I stepped past the counter walked back to her and presented a rose merely saying have a nice day.  She was stunned, said – for me?  why?  I simply said it is always nice to see you.  Thank you and walked out.

The second person was a checkout lady at the local grocery store where I stopped most mornings picking up a paper and a cup of coffee.  As I paid for my morning habits I handed this lady at the cash register a rose saying have a nice day and thank you.  She became silent said it had been a long time since she had been given flowers and teared up.  As before I said always nice to see you and added “thank you for being you!”  and left.

The last rose was given to a lady walking down the street in front of the local courthouse.  I have never seen her before.  She was an older lady .  I walked up to her and said I would like to give a rose.  She backed up looking maybe a little bit concerned.  I quickly said you don’t need to be concerned as I would just want to give you a smile.  She looked at me said “Young man (I’m 66) no one has ever given me rose.  She had a big smile and I gave her a hug.

What a great way to start the day.  I smiled all day long and now repeat this once every week.  I look forward to the now ritual and invite you to try this and share your experience.

More to come!!


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