Yes, it has been an interesting year! But, it got away and I lost control. I have stayed very busy with both business interests and Law Practice. Must say when I add to this my investments it has been a financial success. However, this is not particularly what I had in mind on a personal basis. I turn sixty-eight (68) on Wednesday I do not want to miss the opportunity to “live the adventure”. Like many people ideas like back packing through Europe, joining the peace corp, or taking a year off to bum around often crossed my mind, but like most I never took the leap. I know several people that did these or took similar adventures and have always been envious. IT IS NEVER TO LATE !! Thus, I’m committing to a plan to start the “Gray Adventure” on January 1, 2017 at which time I will be seventy (70) year old. The “Plan” is somewhat fluid and will evolve over the next year. I would like to have a sooner date but it will take me that long to cut all ties from the the things and baggage I have accumulated. Additionally my father is 92 I will need to find a way to handle his dad to day needs.

One part of the plan is in concrete. As I have said on this blog in the past I have always had a desire to be a born again Charles Kuralt and that is exactly what I will be doing. Tentatively, I plan purchase an RV and travel to all 50 states over a period of two to three years. (Hawaii might be an RV challenge).

I’m hopeful that kindred spirits will via this blog share the preparation and the adventure with me. I’m hoping that book might result and maybe even the sharing of many videos of interview of people I meet along the way.

Lastly, this is meant to be a collaborative effort and thus I’m depending on suggestions from all. I also look forward to meeting many of my old and new friends along the way.

Thanks for reading! Share as you please!