Yesterday was the beginning of my seventieth year.  It is important look back, but in my case it is only to evaluate mistakes so the coming years will be even more meaningful and exciting.    I have made more than my share of mistakes.  However, I have no (well maybe few) regrets as I have been blessed to have met many interesting people (many who are friends), had a varied and interesting career, and enjoyed excellent health.  If there would be one thing I hope to conquer in the future it is the inability to focus.  Even in my youth I have always pursued many things at the detriment of being accomplished in a single area/endeavor.  In many ways this has allowed me to sample things most people would only dream about.  But in retrospect it prevented me from excelling in any one area/endeavor.

I have loved music since a very young age having been introduced to this love by my grandmother around the age of four.  Initially taking piano lessons, than saxophone, and then on to more than a few instruments.  I had the ability and believe this could have been life long passion and possible vocation but distractions lead me down other paths. Similar to music I had an early interest and desire to pursue a career in Medicine.  That I did not pursue this dream is one of my few regrets.

I mention this not to say I feel cheated but rather to talk about my future.  I have always admired and been jealous of the “FEW” people I know that made a life out immersing themselves in a passion or something they love.  Often this a first glance would to appear to be a great sacrifice.  They may not have the big house, car, or bank account but they have a certain peace about themselves, generally are very comfortable with who they are, and most important make other people feel good as they happy.

Over the next ten years I will be exploring this life style and the people who live it.  I will be roaming around meeting these people and sharing with you their stories.





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