I love this saying/idea.  I first heard it via a Wayne Dyer lecture.  Of course, the word Music is not to be taken literally but rather to mean that we all must not waste the opportunity to pursue our desires, curiosities, and abilities.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people are doing things on a daily basis which makes them unhappy.  I must admit in the past I was guilty myself and of course some things can not be avoided.  Most often one finds oneself in this predicament due a need to feel safe and secure.  BUT HEY I’m just saying when you get the gray hair you have the responsibility to yourself to play all the “Tunes”.

My x-wife and I did not argue often but when we did I was not very good at it.  I love to debate almost anything but hate to argue as arguments generally endup with personal attacks.  Often I would try to get out of an argument by saying “Maybe we are both right” (Bad idea).  I also once told the wife my first responsibility was to make myself happy as unless I was happy I could not make anyone else happy.  I stand by this but must admit this needs to be said at the right time not just anytime.  Yes, divorced !

You say what does have do with the premise ?  Just think for a second.  It is not wrong to dedicate the Grayhaired part of one’s life to the Grayhaired person.  I submit the average “Grayhead” has at least 20 good years which is not near enough time to explore everything.  I have a friend who was successful judge and attorney.  When he retired he sold the house moved to a new location started taking piano lessons, language lessons, and golf lessons.  Yes, his wife (a true saint) bought into this and yes “music” in her sole to explore as well.  These endeavors were not short term but he is approximately 10 years into these endeavors and doing well with all.  But, more importantly happy and yes makes everyone around him happy as well.  This represents but one of many examples I’m aware of and will share.

This is the moment / GO FOR IT !

Thanks for reading! Share as you please!