This post has a serious side ! Over last several months I became aware of several friends who had medical issues and also had withdrawal issues from alcohol. Two actually went to a facility for help with the issue. I took this as a wake up call. It made me think about how big of a problem this might be. 

While in the Villages (Florida) I remember every day the bars were standing room only by noon and again at 5 PM. I made the same observation this year in Daytona and sadly here at home. There was one glaring similarity – all participants were over 65 and most over 70 years of age. 

Thus, I did a bit research. Alas, the fasts growing group of people with alcohol problems are men over the age of 70. It is estimated the the over 30 percent (Wall Street Journal) of of people with a problem are in this group. Most had no issues prior to retirement but now found themselves with little to do. 

Sorry but u can not make this up. Full disclosure I admit to drinking more myself generally under the guise of meeting my friends. Worth some consideration !

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