Many people say one is born with a clean “slate”.  I’m not convinced.  Some believe in reincarnation saying one brings prior experiences from past lives and others subscribe to the idea many traits are innate.  Personally, I do not know but when born many things seem to be inherited such as physical size, intellect, health, and like me baldness.  I suggest all of these and many other things have an impact on how we and others perceive each other.  From an early age we strive to belong, to be special, and find our niche.  I submit we do this out of fear needing to be accepted.  We create a persona we believe people will like and over time embellish without regard to being the person we feel comfortable of being.

I been involved in more than a few “do gooder” endeavors.  Without exception I always got more out than I gave.  The opportunity to share the act of caring and hopefully making a difference in some small way is better than any financial reward, new trophy, or recognition.

Over the last week I have made a point to engage a stranger everyday in conversation.  I have tried to show interest in who they are, be positive, and hopefully leave with the idea we would both have a great day.  I purchased two dozen little children’s books titled “The Engine That Could” and gave them to children leaving such places as Walmart, Grocery Stores, and McDonalds.  At first the parents would back off, but with a smile an explanation that it was my favorite books they gladly allowed me to give the book to their child. Lastly, for three days I purchased six roses every morning at Grocery store and randomly gave them to ladies throughout the day.  More smiles and a few hugs were shared.  Again, I hope it made their day a little better, I know mine was better

Come up with your own ideas.  What a great week you can have !



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