Anybody can be curious.  There is no Training needed, any age minimum, and education is optional.  The great thing about curiosity is that it based on questions and not answers.  The prerequisites to being effective is one: pay attention and two: absorb.  I have a theory as to why curiosity gets a bad rap which has to do with “old” Adam being duped by Eve.   Eve made curiosity something you due at a risk of negative and dire sequences.  I’m crying “FOUL !

I remember when I was young always turning over the rock to see what was under it.  As I got older I started to consider the “Cost / Benefit” axiom meaning was the potential reward worth the potential danger.  Big mistake and thus I am starting  a “Senior Movement”.  Let’s turn over all those rocks  !

I submit one of greatest thing we do that gives us the greatest satisfaction and thrill is DISCOVERY.  It is also one of the most generous and satisfying things we can share.  The good news is there is infinite number of rocks out there just waiting to be turned over.

Thanks for reading! Share as you please!