I just received “THE” video camera purchased on Ebay. We are talking hi-tech. Purchased a Panasonic GS500 for $ 200.00 based on a recommendation from a supposed Guru.  I’m sure that Charles Kuralt had such humble beginning.  Having looked at the “investment” and manual can definitely say this qualifies as both an adventure and smile !  My plan is to develop an initial list of of seven people (7) to tract down and interview.  Thinking 7 people, 14 questions, and 21 minutes.  This is meant to be a collaborative endeavor and thus looking for ideas as to people and questions.  Let us not be shy and thus “Go For Greatness”.  Must be over sixty (60), interesting (might like to have beer/glass of wine with), and worth the time.  We are talking about Art Linkletter type interviews, thus hopefully all parties can enjoy an in-depth smile.

My short list includes Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, Jerry Lee Lewis, Condoleeza Rice,  Ross Perot, Fuzzy Zoeller, Yogi Berra, Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer, Billy Jean King,  and ? (Help)

HOWEVER, I’m most interested  in the regular Guy or Girl who is just interesting and special.  I offer an example.  I recently read about “Chuck’s Wagon Tours” in a local magazine.  Chuck is actually Dr. Chuck Harris who practices in a small town, Cicero, located north of Indianapolis Indiana.  Chuck drove a bus to make extra money while attending college and Medical School.  He loved it and found himself missing the adventure later while attending to a busy Medical Practice.  Solution!  He pursued and obtained a commercial drivers license.  He now has started a part time endeavor organizing tours and trips mostly for patients, friends, and others who have became aware of “Chucks Wagon Tour”.  He tries to accomplish 6 to 8 events a years and yes the tour guide and best of all the bus driver is Dr. Chuck Harris.  I’m looking forward to joining the fun this year myself.  If interested you can call either 773-263-0827 or 317-385 1364.



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