Do you live in the Past, Present, or Future ?  This not a trick question.  I am sure you have said or heard some one say “If only I had”, If I could do all over again” or maybe “Next Time I Will”, In the Future I will Know Better”.  What is actually being offered here is an excuse !

When we are younger the past is immediate and the future is infinite.  As we mature the past is just the past the future is definable.  The present is not to be wasted !  It is important that we explore our passions and to able to not  waste any opportunities.  LIFE is VERB not a NOUN and thus life/living is an Activity.

I have learned to be uncomfortable with the concept of Planning to do something as the question is if it is worthwhile “Why are You not doing it Now”.  My experience tells me that No Plan goes according to Plan.

Live in the Present – Meaning Now !  Everyday is a New Adventure to be Enjoyed and Explored.

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