I was very lucky as I grew up in an environment where music was a constant companion.  I took piano lessons at an early age (four) and hated every minute. tonette Latter I moved on to the Saxophone and still play even taking lessons today.  Paul Desmond was never insecure that I was around however as Marlon Brando once said “I could have been a contender”.   (Paul Desmond played with the Dave Brubeck Quartet). When I was in first grade the whole class played the tonette which many of my age may remember.  Just the exposure to music seems to be positive.

Today many schools are dropping the music programs for lack of funding. What a shame. One of the problems is the cost of instrument rental can be prohibitive to many families and the schools no longer have instruments to provide to students at no cost. Many people who took band while in school did not continue after graduation and that clarinet, trumpet, trombone or ? now resides in a closet or attic. These instrument need a new life. Most can be revived for little money and provide a young person a great experience. There are a number of organizations who provide a tax deduction for that violin or ? and then refurbish giving to school systems or other groups.  If you need help please contact me and I will provide a resource.

Music is a wonderful friend for life and many young people need one.

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