Yes ! That is my golf trophy and Yes ! you are reading it correctly – 1956.  As Marlon Brando said in “On the Water Front” I could have been a contender.  The reason I was Pee Wee runner-up rather than first place is still being hotly debated. Mike McMurray won first place. I ran into him two years ago at the fiftieth High School reunion. He was unable to look me in the eye. Due to this still contested contest, I backed away from what would most likely would have been a truly spectacular career.  Who knows Augusta would have surely been within my grasp !

This brings me to the present. Yes, I have now been able to put the past behind me and believe there is still time resurrect the natural skill set I possess. I went to Florida two weeks ago for 2 days of lessons and while the pro was unable to work with a “natural” (likely intimidated) it was enough to awaken what has been dormant for over 60 years. After returning to Indiana I again pursued lessons with an appropriate mentor. I have found such a person and will be taking lesson weekly while practicing every day.

I’m being told that the secret to golf is concentration which explains my obvious weakness and thus I turn to equipment woes. It is suggested I purchase some new equipment. Price is no object as the least I can do is to unselfishly serve as an inspiration to others who have not been able to the “best they can be”. I will be providing ongoing updated as I walk the path to excellence!  Yes, “I fear no evil”.

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