Today, I want to talk about a deep topic – the difference between happiness and pleasure.  Now, some might think they’re the same thing, but let me tell you, there’s a world of difference between the two!

Let’s start with pleasure.  Pleasure is like that instant gratification you get from, hmm, indulging in a delicious chocolate cake  (yum!). The little bursts of joy come and go quickly – like that summer fling you had with that unique ice cream flavor that’s now discontinued.  Pleasure is all about satisfying our immediate desires and impulses. It’s fast, fleeting, and certainly leaves us wanting more.

On the other hand, we have happiness.  Happiness is like that warm fuzzy feeling when everything seems to fall into place. A long-lasting sense of contentment and fulfillment comes from living a meaningful and purposeful life. Happiness is not centered around external stimuli; it’s an inner state of well-being that remains constant despite the ups and downs of life.

So, while pleasure might lead us to a temporary high, happiness is like that long-term investment in our overall well-being. It’s like choosing a lifetime of laughter, love, and deep fulfillment over a momentary sugar rush.

Ultimately, my friends, it’s important to strive for happiness and not just chase after fleeting pleasures. Find joy in the little things, cultivate meaningful relationships, and pursue your passions. Remember, happiness is the real deal and worth every moment of the journey. Stay #HappyNotJustPleasureful, my amazing followers!


Yes, there is a difference !  Pleasure is experienced through singular events or moments.  Happiness is generally a state of being that hopefully is to be experienced for an extended period of time or optimally eternally.  Most everyone has experienced pleasure but happiness can be elusive.

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