In the interest of putting current issues in perspective I remind you of a similar outrageous event of yes another impeachment.   Yes, I remember when Pluto was a planet !


Most us will remember Rodney Dangerfield’s tag line of “I get no respect”.   I’m starting a movement to get Pluto the respect it deserves to again take it’s rightful place as our ninth planet and most distant from the sun.  Several years ago Pluto was demoted to a “Dwarf Planet” status.  And !  this demotion was all about size !  This lack of respect is beyond belief and we can not let this stand.


In today’s environment it bad enough that we must change the Cleveland Indians to Cleveland Native Americans,  topple statues of Robert E. Lee, have electric motorcycles, wear helmets to ride a bicycle, have girls in the boy scouts, have a size 0 dress size and impeach a past president.  BUT, deny Pluto the dignity of being a plant.  Enough is enough!


What happened to “Due Process” ?  The name Pluto was derived from the Roman God of the underworld and suggested by an eleven year English girl.   Yes, Pluto is a male planet and we males have been led to believe that “size” does not matter and now we are being told there is an issue without  any new evidence to the contrary.  This can not stand !


Yes, I’m still in witness protection.

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