Many of us have read about “Secret” retirement paradises in the various magazines such as Money, Forbes, and the many books on the subject.  Yes, what better source can there be than the “Bear” ?  Over the next several years your humble Charles Kuralt wannabe will be visiting these places for an unvarnished report and evaluation.  While my endorsement can not be bought if there are places that want to be included I will accept scholarships.

I have made arrangements to visit the Villages located near Orlando Florida in January.  Most are aware the Villages is quite well known as a community that folks over 50 go to retire as it offers the ultimate sensory overload for Senior Citizens.  As a senior “sex symbol” I will place myself in jeopardy all in the interest of scientific research.  They offer an interesting get acquainted opportunity where you can visit for up to five nights at $ 150.00 per night staying in one of their Cabanas (sounds romantic).  This includes a number free amenities and I include a link for your information.  Villages.

Second, I will be venturing to Panama in the early spring.  You may be aware Panama along with Costa Rica and Ecuador are the current hot spots for foreign retirement Mecas.  While there I will also enroll in Spanish immersion school/ nothing but a party!  This adventure is at the request of my motorcycle friend Jack.  More information soon.

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