Over the last several months I been giving a great deal of thought about where I am, how I got here, and where am I going. I’ve been very lucky and yes blessed with a reasonable amount of success that has allowed me to enjoy the so-called good life. Translated this means that I’ve made a enough money to accumulate most of the toys I desired, traveled to many of the places I wanted to see, and I think make myself socially acceptable meaning I been able to to run with and know other reasonably successful people. While I’ve enjoyed the ride I can’t help but think there is just something that is lacking. It is not that I’m unhappy but rather in some way unfulfilled.

I have been blessed with reasonable intelligence and have always been able to pursue whatever endeavor I desired. While at first glance this would seem to be a plus, actually I think it might have been a curse. Yes, looking back I might be the classic example of one who suffers from ADD. Starting in my youth I have always been curious and attracted to many things. Whether it was music, ham radio, sports, medicine, community service, entrepreneur endeavors, personal relationships, or the practice of law to name but a few, I have pursued them with vigor always losing interest before mastering. I’m not saying that I did not enjoy and in many cases still enjoy these pursuits. Rather I’m saying that my inability to focus on one pursuit mastering and enjoying what it had to offer has robbed me of the personal fulfillment I desire.

I do not believe that I am unique. When I look around I see there are many people that had a similar experience. Of course, to compare yourself to someone else is neither an excuse or a solution. I have come to believe I and many others have spent a great deal of time trying to be what we believe others would like us to be rather than being comfortable in who we are.  Again, another thing that does not make me unique but certainly something deserving consideration in pursuing the next adventure in my life.

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