I willing to bet that literally everyone has either done something and or said something they regret and would do anything to take back.  As many of you know I’m convinced there is something or somebody that had a hand organizing things.  I have no idea what it or whom it may be and open to the idea of “God” but having said that I doubt the name is an issue and thus I refer to it or whom as “Ralph”.  Always have.

To the point !  It is amazing how well things are thought out and how it always seems to fit.  But hey even Ralph is entitled to a mistake or oversight.  Yes, where is the seven second delay button.

It is shame most of us do not to learn the art of listening until middle age or even later (guilty).  I must admit is has only been within the last 3 to 4 years I have started to consciously listen.  I’m learning to sit back and listen to what people have to say.  Amazing – there are people out there who as smart as I think I am.  I’m working on developing a device sort of like the pet rock to call a “Seven Second Delay Button”, “Senior Reboot Button”, or ?  Looking for some suggestions here and maybe comments.


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