I have been a follower of Wayne Dyer for many years. There are more than a few folks out there offering inspirational books, tapes, etc and Wayne Dyer, most would agree, is a member of the group. Dyer has written over 30 books and many (I have read a number) are very similar.   However, Dyer has several attributes that makes him resonate with me. One, we are approximately the same age, two the formulas he offers are simple and actually doable and three he readily admits he does not always live and practice his own methods. I like this as I believe that one shoe does not fit all and success often comes from trial and error not to mention a lot of luck.  Several years ago I traveled to Hawaii (Maui to be exact) to attend a seminar lasting two days he offers usually every year in the fall.  The subject matter was based on his new book Excuses Be Gone.  There was a wide variety of people with some being rather over the top with neediness, some being rather “GaGA” over Dyer, and most being genuinely interested in the subject  matter.  I enjoy interacting with the attendees and what’s not to like about Maui.  The highlight was listening to a guest speaker named Ram Daus.  He had been a cohort with people such Timothy Leary and Allan Ginsberg in the late fifties and early sixties at Harvard using mind altering substances such as LSD to explore the inner working of the mind.  Interesting stuff.  More on this latter as I am presently reading two of his books.

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